If you do not want to be troubled with the renting activities of your property we gladly take care of this on your behalf. As a mediator we are willing to take care of the complete management and control of your real estate property.

Our approach is to keep a personal and a profound relation with our tenants. Stones Housing will remain the mouthpiece between tenant and landlord. When tenants are confronted with failures we can arrange this in an excellent way for you. In consultation with the landlord, when necessary, failures will be quickly responded to and solved in a competent way.

Management services:

  • Invoicing, administrating¬† and collection of the rent
  • Dealing with the collection of the due rent; for example sending out payment reminders, follow up on due payments and if necessary further procedures in collection of debts.
  • Provide a financial overview monthly.
  • Prepare and keep a file throughout the rental period.
  • Delivery and hand-over of the key of the property.
  • We conduct the tenant regarding the technical appliances, maintenance contract, domestic waste and so on.
  • We examine the property in the course of rental mutations
  • Create inspection reports of your property.
  • Maintain adequate and professional contact between tenant and landlord.
  • Dealing with maintenance services regarding complaints or technical problems.
  • Take care of the end overview regarding the energy costs

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